Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to get one of each meal?

If there is a meal you would not like in your order, you can duplicate one of the other meals from that half of the menu.


Are the meals paleo?

Rapptor meals are geared towards the paleo diet. Our focus is on providing you with the freshest, most locally sourced ingredient available. Occasionally we will use an ingredient that does not meet the strict paleo diet, such as brown rice or quinoa. You can request a duplicate of a different meal if you do not wish to order those items. We believe it is important for meals to not only be healthy, but delicious and exciting as well! We want you to enjoy and look forward to every Rapptor meal.


Are Rapptor meals gluten free/safe for allergies?

While we do not usually use gluten containing ingredients in our meals, they are processed in a facility that handles wheat products.

If a meal does contain gluten we can substitute out a non gluten containing option for you.

Meals containing dairy or wheat will be labelled.

Also for allergies the facility handles dairy, tree nuts, peanuts, shellfish, and soy.


Are the macros calculated?

Yes. Each Rapptor meal is labeled with calories, fat, protein, and carb amounts. We use minimal Himalayan sea salt and natural sweeteners (raw, local, organic honey)