Weekly Menu


Rapptor's 9/29 Menu

Now introducing Monday deliveries! Check out our NEW hours!

Sunday pickup 11:30am-1pm

Monday DELIVERY ONLY 11am-3pm  

1. Skin on oven herb roasted chicken quarters with roasted red potatoes and mixed veggies cal:366/f:8/p:41/c:33
2. Turkey meatballs and gravy and and cauliflower mash with mixed veggies cal:385/f:18/p:37/c:27
3. Jerk grilled chicken breast with mango salsa and ginger steamed broccoli cal: 381/f:10/p:38/c:/30
4. Carved honey mustard pork loin with whipped cinnamon sweet potatoes and mixed veggies cal:355/f:9/p:36/c:32
5. Bunless grass fed beef burgers on a bed of crisp lettuce, tomato, and onions served with cauliflower “tater” salad and a side of our house chipotle ketchup cal:287/f:8/p:30/c:27


Wednesday pickup only 4:30pm-6 pm

Thursday Delivery 11am-3pm

6. Buffalo chicken with oven roasted cauliflower and mixed vegetables cal:338/f:13/p:43/c:16
7. Crustless chicken pot pie over sweet potato and parsnip mash cal:356/f:4/p:41/c:35
8. Korean BBQ beef with garlic cauliflower mash and stir fry vegetables cal:341/f:8/p:31/c:31
9. lemon garlic marinated chicken with sage infused sweet potatoes and garlic roasted green beanscal:376/f:10/p:36/c:27
10. ground turkey with Fuji apple, kale, and sweet potato hash cal:354/f:11/p:32/c:35